What is a lure retriever?

Do you know, what is a lure retriever? If this is the first time you hear about a lure retriever, you are probably losing too many lures while ice fishing or boat fishing.

A lure retriever is heavy tool that can be attached to the fishing line with a snagged lure. The lure retriever should be connected to a strong line or thin rope- long enough to reach the lure and strong enough to straighten the lure hooks.

Description of the lure retrieving process

Slide down the lure retriever by the fishing line till you reach the lure. When you feel, that it has stopped to slide, make your fishing line a little bit slack, pull the rope with the retriever 20cm up and then let it fall free. You should feel that the lure retriever hits the lure. Then try to pull the fishing line with the lure. If you can’t pull it free, try making some more hits with the lure retriever. In around 90% situations it helps to hit out the hook from snag and retrieve your lure.

During last three fishing days the lure retriever has helped me to retrieve lures five times. This way the lure retriever helped me to saved about 50$. The lure retriever cost me 6$. The line and piece of wood I found in my garage. If you are a DIY guy, you can also make a lure retriever yourself. Use the key words “lure retriever” and check out Google pictures for some ideas. There can be a lot of functional self made lure retrievers.

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