Rainbow Trout Ice Fishing

I started to plan rainbow trout ice fishing on January 30th 2012 (my birthday) already a couple of weeks before. I wanted to record the fishing process and make a video for my blog. I tried to record some samples shots at home to check how easy I can talk about fishing in front of a camera. As I did not like the results, I decided to record the video in Latvian – my native language and to add English subtitles later.

I was so excited about my plans, that the hostile air temperature of -20°C (-4°F) couldn’t scare me. I arrived at my favorite trout pond about 10:00am. The weather was cold but the sun was shining.

And now – let the video talk!

One of the rules of that trout pond is: It is not allowed to release caught fish, so – all trout was kept.

Many of local anglers think that at most trout ponds it is possible to catch a fish with each cast. On the video you can see, that the trout ignored my first ice fishing lure – Izumi ice jig. So, I changed to Kuusamo vertical jig. I impaled a small piece of soft lure on vertical jig’s treble hook. It should look like yellow corn.

I found out, that trout did not attack my lure close to the bottom. Trout attacked the lure in mid-water or even closer to ice.

I caught four rainbows on vertical jig and then I decided to try soft lures. My choice was small Berkleys craw-fish in orange color with 2,5g (0,08oz) micro jig head. What a pity! My video/photo cameras memory card was full before the battery “died”. Fishing with micro jig was the best part of the session! I caught three more rainbow trout. The biggest from those which I got on ice was 41cm (16in) and 0,71kg (1,5lb).

The most interesting part of all was when I lost two trout – the biggest trout of all that day! I couldn’t get them up to the ice-hole, because Berkley’s Nanofil line with 2kg (4lb) test tore. After fishing I decided to change this line to fluorocarbon line. The trout is a too aggressive fish and stretching of the line can be a very important factor in the trout ice fishing.

I uploaded my video on YouTube yesterday morning and posted it on the biggest fishing portals of my country- www.copeslietas.lv. During 24hours it was watched more than 1000 times and the only critical comments were about the quality of the sound. I know, how to improve it, but it is all about money…

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