How to make a spinnerbait?

Yesterday I got inspiration to make one big spinnerbait, because I realized, that I do not have any for big predators. I have experience with small spinnerbaits in trout fishing and it has turned out to be very effective. Spinnerbait blades make a totally different rotation frequency as the same blade would make as part of an inline spinner. So, in my old lure part boxes I found all necessary components:

  • Stiff non-corrosive wire,
  • Spinner blade,
  • Spinner body,
  • Hook,
  • Two split rings,
  • Swivel

In five minutes I made a pretty nice spinnerbait.


After some hours I got even more inspiration. I divided the spinnerbait into all seven components, set up my video camera and started to record the process, how I made my spinnerbait. My aim was to practice video editing. Here is the result:


  • Distance from the blade and the lure body should be big enough. During vibration the blade should not reach the lure body.
  • The hook should not reach any blade connector parts- swivel and split ring.

Home made spinnerbait

When I browsed around the Internet to find some english terms for better explanation, I found this valuable site: Maybe some patented ideas will help you to build a better spinnerbait!

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